3 Ways GPS Car Navigation Systems Have Changed Our Lives

Navigation systems for vehicles have been around for decades. Car GPS Navigation Systems were first used by the military and then little by little the technology found its way into the private sector. Finding GPS systems in phones, watches, radios, cars, trucks, suvs and more is common.Over the years the technology has become more and more sophisticated. GPS nav systems are a large part of our lives.

Below are a few areas where GPS systems have really altered the way we go about our day.

1) A GPS car navigation system has provided traffic relief for many drivers. It is not uncommon for even the simplest system to come with the capability to remap our daily routes around serious traffic jams. There are those that talk to you and provide turn by turn directions so you can place your focus on road where it belongs. There are even those that mimic a famous signer or actor’s voice. These are not only comical, but can provide a bit of comedy for your passengers.

2) These GPS systems will help you find the nearest ATM or gas station. If you live in a larger city like I do, there are times when you may find yourself in an area of the city where you are not familiar with. Hit a button and your GPS system helps you find your way to a bank or gas station. Often times a GPS system will not stop there. They are even capable of finding places like restaurants, parks, airports, amusement parks and other places of interest. If you have an actual address, the GPS system will take you there with pinpoint accuracy. It is truly a joy to have one in your vehicle.

3) A built in GPS car tracking system has also started to provide a lot of value. If you have ever been in a situation where you are in trouble or completely lost in the desert or mountains, a tracking system can save your life. It can tell others where you are at, getting aid to you quickly.

Once upon a time I owned an Acura TL with a navigation system in it and it was my favorite feature of the car. Although it has been many years since I had that vehicle, I still miss the comfort of having it around to show me where to go. I travel often and hate to have to use a map to find my way.

Not only are maps outdated, they are hard to read in the dark and are never detailed enough to take right to where you want to go. Google Maps and Map Quest are great alternatives, but once again they are not integrated into the car.

The most recent models of navigation systems will accept voice commands. One of the biggest drawbacks to voice recognition is it does not respond to all voices. You find yourself repeating the words so the system can recognize what you are saying. It is easier just to stop the vehicle for a minute and enter the data into the system than to speak the words. Often times the voice recognition is too hard to use.

If you find that your vehicle is lacking the great functionality of a GPS system, then do not fret. There are a number of very good quality portable units that will not only do all the featured mentioned in this article, but also provide the feature of portability. The money spent will be well worth it. You will find yourself a lot happy on the road, less distracted and a safer driver. A lot of vehicles are now coming equipped with them as part of vehicles original price. Yet there are still those economical vehicles that do not have this option, but they can easily be outfitted with a portable unit.

Source by Arturo Saborio